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Learning calligraphy on one’s own can be very challenging, and that is especially true in flourishing. Therefore, through my book, I will share with you all of the secrets of flourishing and give you tips and the benefits of my experience. I will be your guide to the world of airy letters.
The book is not intended only for beginners in pointed pen calligraphy, but is also intended for those who know the basics of copperplate and would like to work to the next level. Those who already have experience in pointed pen calligraphy can also benefit from working with this book to help improve their skills.
The book is composed of two parts: Theory and Practice exercises in one 154-pages PDF file. In the theory section you will find all of the details about flourishing, as well as how to decorate your compositions with flower garlands and off-hand flourishing birds. The practice section provides traceable letters with which to work. You will be able to draw all of the letters that we covered in the theory section: Uppercase letters of the Latin alphabet, lowercase letters with entrance and exit strokes, descenders, ascenders, bird drawing practice and also blank guide sheets for self-practice.
The book is suitable for those who want to learn more about flourishing, to learn how to create their own variations on letters, and also for those who would like to learn my own method of drawing flourishes.


The book is not about how to copy various versions of letters, but rather it helps to create your own variants on beautiful, airy letters.
Thank you for choosing my book.
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"Flourishing in Harmony and Balance"

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