Razzhigaeva Iuliia dba JULIA RAZZ, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller", hereby, by way of a public offer, proposes to conclude an agreement on the following conditions regarding the purchase of an electronic book (hereinafter referred to as the "Book") with any person (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer") - an Internet user and by a visitor to the site, who expressed their intention to accept the terms of this Agreement. Seller and Buyer are collectively referred to as the "Parties".

This Agreement applies to any electronic books presented on the Site and available for purchase by the Buyer.


1.1. The Seller, for a fee, grants the Buyer the right to use an electronic book (hereinafter referred to as the "Book") in the form of downloading a PDF file to the Buyer's electronic device (computer, laptop, phone, etc.).
1.2. This Agreement can be accepted by paying a fee for the right to use the selected Book on the basis of an order placed on the seller's website. Payment of the fee confirms the familiarization of the Buyer with this Agreement, agreement with its terms and the fact of acceptance.
1.3. An agreement accepted by the Buyer does not require subsequent execution in hard copy, has legal force and is considered concluded by the Parties in a simple written form.


2.1. To obtain the right to use the Book, the Buyer selects one of the offered Books on the Site by clicking the "Buy" button.
2.2. The Buyer fills out a form on the Site, in which he indicates:
- Name
- Email address.
After filling out the form, the Buyer pays for the Book.
After payment, a link to download the Book or a file with the Book for download will be sent to the specified e-mail.
2.3. The book may be saved by the Buyer as a file to the Buyer's electronic device. The downloadable file is presented in PDF format and the saving (downloading) of the file must be carried out by the Buyer within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the date of payment.
2.4. Opening and reading the Book downloaded to the Buyer's electronic device is possible through programs that support the format of the downloaded file. At the same time, the Seller, guaranteeing the operability of the original file, is not responsible for the impossibility of opening such a file on the Buyer's electronic device due to technical (or other) problems with such a device of the Buyer or the software installed on it (including due to the lack of the necessary information on the Buyer's electronic device). software).
2.5. The right to use the Book is granted for the entire duration of the exclusive right to the Book.
2.6. The Buyer undertakes to use the Book only in accordance with this Agreement, i.e. strictly for personal use in order to familiarize yourself with the text and other content, read (in whole or in part), place the Book file on your personal electronic device.

The Buyer is prohibited from actions with the Book that go beyond the scope of this Agreement, namely:

·      copy,
·      transfer in whole or in part to third parties (including by familiarizing such persons with the contents of the Book), including gratuitous and / or paid transfer,
·      public communication through any communication channels, reproduction in whole or in part in any material and / or intangible form (i.e., making additional copies of the Book for the purpose of further transfer (distribution) to third parties),
·      bringing the Book to the public and / or its distribution (including using the Internet and / or other digital networks by posting the Book on websites, mobile applications and other resources, including resources for the joint purchase of books and / or other materials),
·      editing, changing and/or any other processing of the Book,
·      any other use of the Book, except for the method specified in this paragraph, as well as any other actions that violate the legislation in the field of intellectual property rights.


3.1. Prices for Books are indicated on the Site in US dollars.
3.2. The Buyer pays the Seller the cost of the Book specified in the description of the Book available for ordering on the Site in the Book order form.
3.3. The cost of books, as well as time-limited special offers for the price indicated on the Site, can be changed by the Seller unilaterally.
3.4. Payment for the Book is carried out in a non-cash manner, using payment (bank) cards on the Site. The moment of payment is considered the receipt of funds to the Seller's settlement account.
3.5. The site is connected to the Pay Pal payment module, and you can pay for the Book with a Visa and MasterCard bank card.
3.6. The personal information you provide (name, e-mail, credit card number) is confidential and not subject to disclosure. Your credit card information is transmitted only in encrypted form and is not stored on our Site.
3.7. The Buyer is responsible for the correct filling of all items of the Order Form. If there are errors or incomplete information is provided in the Name and Email fields, the Seller is completely relieved of responsibility for the execution of the Order.


4.1. Delivery is via email and/or download link.
4.2. Sending is carried out immediately after payment.


5.1. Ebooks, master classes and courses sent to the Buyer are not returned back.


6.1. The seller undertakes:
6.1.1. Comply with the terms of this Agreement.
6.1.2. Transfer the paid Book to the Buyer in accordance with the placed Order and the terms of this Agreement.
6.1.3. Process the personal data of the Buyer and ensure their confidentiality in the manner prescribed by applicable law.
6.2. The seller has the right:
6.2.1. Change this Agreement, the Prices for Books and related services, methods and terms of payment and delivery of the Book unilaterally. All changes come into force immediately after publication, and are considered brought to the attention of the Buyer from the moment of such publication.
6.2.2. Suspend or terminate the sale of any Books at its sole discretion.
6.2.3. The Seller has the right to send advertising and informational messages to the Buyer through e-mail newsletters with information about discounts, promotions, new arrivals, etc. The frequency of mailings is determined by the Seller independently, unilaterally.
6.3. The buyer is obliged:
6.3.1. Before the conclusion of the Agreement, familiarize yourself with the content and terms of the Agreement, the prices for the Books offered by the Seller.
6.3.2. Provide the Seller with all the necessary data that uniquely identify him as the buyer and sufficient to deliver the Book paid for by him to the Buyer. 6.3.3. Pay for the ordered Book on the terms of this Agreement.
6.4. The buyer has the right:
6.4.1. To refuse to receive e-mail newsletters, for this he needs to contact the Seller by e-mail or using the appropriate “unsubscribe” link in the advertising mailing list.


7.1. Responsibility for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the contract on the terms of the Offer is determined in accordance with the legislation.
7.2. The Seller is not responsible for temporary failures and interruptions in the operation of the Site, as well as any damage to equipment, computer programs or information associated with the use of the Site.
7.3. The parties are released from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under the agreement on the terms of the Offer if such failure was a direct result of force majeure circumstances (force majeure) that arose after the conclusion of the agreement on the terms of the Offer, as a result of extraordinary events, namely : fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, pandemic or the imposition by state authorities of restrictions on the activities of any of the Parties and other similar circumstances, if these circumstances the Parties could neither foresee nor prevent by reasonable measures.
The Buyer's lack of time for any reason to download the Book, being on vacation, business trip, non-payment for Internet access, breakdown of the Internet access means are not force majeure circumstances (force majeure).
7.4. The Seller is not responsible for the content and operation of external Sites.
7.5. Seller's aggregate liability hereunder for any action or claim in respect of the contract or its performance is limited to the amount of the payment paid to Seller by Buyer. In this case, only real damages, but not lost profits, can be recovered from the Seller.
7.6. In case of violation by the Buyer of the provisions of this agreement regarding the protection of the Seller's copyright and violation of the rules for using the Book, established in clause 2.6. of this Agreement, or violation by the Buyer of the exclusive right to the Book in any other way, without special written permission from the Seller, the latter has the right to demand payment of compensation for each case of violation, as well as compensation for all losses caused, including lost profits.


8.1. The Agreement on the terms of the Offer comes into force from the moment the Buyer accepts the Offer and is valid until the Parties fully fulfill their obligations.


9.1. The parties have agreed that the proper way to exchange information and documents is by sending messages via the Site or by sending messages by e-mail.
9.2. The e-mail address of the Seller specified in the Offer, the e-mail address that the Buyer indicated at the time of acceptance of the Offer are agreed upon.
9.3. Any letters, statements, applications and notices, as well as any other business correspondence sent using the agreed channels of communication, are from duly authorized representatives of the parties and in the event that they do not contain information about the sender. If any provision or any part of the provision of the agreement on the terms of the Offer is declared invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions and parts of the provisions of the agreement on the terms of the Offer remain in full force and effect.
9.4. The Seller has the right to supplement and change the Offer at any time without prior notice to the Buyer.
9.5. All notices, legally significant messages should be reported to the Seller at the e-mail address:
9.6. The offer, as well as issues not regulated by it, are governed by the current legislation. Recognition by the court of any provision of this agreement as invalid or unenforceable does not entail the invalidity of its other provisions.